episodes of The Witch's Tale

STARS: Adelaide Fitzallen as "OLD NANCY, the Witch", Alonzo Dean Cole as "Satan, the Black Cat"
FEATURING: Marie O'Flynn, Mark Smith, Alan Devitt

Begun regionally on WOR radio in New York, this is one of the earliest of the horror genre shows. It also helped begin a trend in creepy hosts that "lives" on to this day in popular entertainment. "Old Nancy, the witch of Salem," was the cackling host of the show, and she was a caution! She quickly became a favorite of New York kids in the 1930's, who imitated her quips and cackles to scare their younger brothers and sisters at night

Since Nancy was a witch from Salem, she knew of the old days, and relished a historical, and often hysterical, setting with her charming cat, Satan! Some say the cat was played by producer Alonzo Deen Cole.

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Jan 05 1931 The Boa Goddess
Aug 03 1931 Frankenstein
Feb 01 1932 The Flying Dutchman
Oct 17 1932 The Haunted Crossroads
Jan 02 1933 Spirits of the Lake
Jun 03 1933 Graveyard Mansion
Nov 08 1933 The Altar
Jan 08 1934 The Devil Doctor
May 03 1934 The Violin
Aug 14 1935 The King Shark God
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