episodes of Romance

You may be surprised to discover that this half-hour CBS radio series ran from 1943 all the way until 1957. It seems to have been a catchall title that accommodated a variety of different formats and hosts, as long as the subject was love. There were at least 20 changes in the time and day it was aired during the length of its run, and eventually hundreds of episodes were aired.

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Aug 30 1943 Mrs. Moonlight
Jul 18 1944 Stage Door
Jan 02 1945 It Happened Tomorrow
May 22 1945 The White Cliffs
Jun 12 1945 The Valiant
May 28 1947 Pride and Prejudice
Jan 01 1949 For Business Reasons
Sep 14 1954 An Heiress from Redhorse
Sep 25 1954 The Way to the Castle
Nov 27 1954 Two and One Is Awful
May 07 1955 The Second Time Around
Jul 30 1955 Such a Wonderful Team
Sep 09 1955 A Girl's Best Friend
Nov 12 1955 The Golden Face
Dec 24 1955 Richer by One Christmas
Mar 24 1956 The Strip Teaser and the Space Warp
Mar 31 1956 Bloodthirsty Kate
Aug 11 1956 The Gypsy
Sep 15 1956 The Man from Venus
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