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Richard Crenna, Eve Arden, and Gale Gordon

Richard Crenna, Eve Arden, and Gale Gordon
Another instance where a star was indelibly matched to a role, Eve Arden simply was "Our Miss Brooks", the tart-tounged, long-suffering, ultimately warm-hearted English teacher at Madison High School. On radio from 1948, and then in a television version that ran concurrently until the series close in 1956, "Our Miss Brooks" presented a plausible (if not terribly realistic) humorous slice of life that earned her the admiration of teachers and listeners of all stripes.

The supporting cast was excellent too, from a young Richard Crenna as student Walter Denton, to Jeff Chandler as Connie Brooks' unrequited love interest Mr. Boynton, to Gale Gordon as the stuffy school principal Chester Conklin.

25 years later, Eve Arden was herself cast as Principal McGee of Rydell High in the movie musical Grease. It seemed like a natural promotion because everybody still knew that she was... "Our Miss Brooks."

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Nov 07 1948 The Work Horse
Jan 09 1949 Madison High is Cold
Jan 16 1949 Student Government Day
Mar 13 1949 Cafeteria Boycott
Apr 03 1949 The Everyone Who Comes Must Perform Party
May 15 1949 Friday the 13th
Aug 21 1949 Weekend at Crystal Lake
Oct 30 1949 Hallowe'en Party
Nov 27 1949 Thanksgiving Dinner
Dec 18 1949 Connie's Letter To Sandy Clawsss
Jan 08 1950 Board of Education Day
Jan 15 1950 Cure That Habit
Feb 19 1950 Valentine's Day Date
Mar 05 1950 National Clean Up
Apr 09 1950 Tint-Tomorrow Soap Powder (Dyeing Easter Eggs)
Oct 08 1950 The Hurricane Warning
Oct 29 1950 The Balloon Dancer
Nov 19 1950 Thanksgiving Turkey
Dec 24 1950 The Magic Christmas Tree
Feb 04 1951 Puppy Love, Mr. Barlow, and Miss Davis
May 13 1951 Mrs Davis' Mother's Day Millinery
Nov 11 1953 A Plaque for Mr. Conklin
Dec 20 1953 Christmas Gift Mix-Up
Nov 07 1954 The Switchboard Switcheroo
Nov 14 1954 The Audio-Visual Experiment
May 01 1955 Spring Cleaning (a.k.a. The Jiffy Vacuum Sales Epidemic)
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